Refugees on and I have a feeling will continue to be on the mind. 


Star Trek Beyond last year was a nice cool surprise for a trekki like myself. Really nice story that was both original and in line with the spirit of Star Trek. I really enjoyed it a lot. And Jaylah was great. Did this study of the course of the last 3 mornings. One to block out lighting, one was just the face (as the likeness is not there) and today to finish the hands and minor things.

M4 Sherman Study

M4 sherman Study that I started this morning as a warm up. And finished tonight to relax a bit. From a Instagram ww2 photo account. If I don't start with a warm up in the morning, I feel like I'm a Gorilla with a paint brush... I mean more so then usual. 


C-130 study

study I did this the other night #C-130 a faded photo of Vietnam from the 70's